Welcome to my website.
I was was born the town of Dudley in the West Midlands in the heart of England, this area is known as the Blackcountry due to it's rich industrial heritage. The legacy of this industrial activity has left it's mark on the environment, creating a unique landscape of old industrial factory's with more modern buildings

I have been into creating artwork for as long as i can remember. I use painting and drawings has a way to connect to the world and find making artwork challenging as well as rewarding.

I mostly paint landscapes in pleinair but also enjoy painting still lifes.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my paintings please contact me.

Personal statement:

"I think a good painting is like a good musical composition." It has harmony and rhythm, contrast and theme, sometimes even soloists. Those elements rarely just occur in a natural landscape. I find that I emphasize with detail and color, omit some things, mute others, even rearrange elements to create a composition that conveys my visual experience, my joy, to the viewer. It is this challenge that keeps me painting."